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Block Ice Machine
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    1Ton Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine
    Refrigerant: R22; Ambient temperature: 28°C; Ice making water temperature: 10°C-15°C; Cooling capacity: 70KW; Condensation method: water cooling; Land size: 9*3*2.4m;
    • Parameters
    The Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine has the following advantages over the conventional (brine tank) version: 
    1. Smaller footprint
    2. Contamination free
    3. Highly energy efficient
    4. Easy to operate
    5. Low maintenance cost
    6. Easy to mobilise and relocate

    Lier Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine features:
    - We use aluminium-magnesium alloy 6063 which is different from ordinary aluminium-magnesium alloy 6060, 6063 and is strong, corrosion-resistant and has better heat transfer potential

    - Aluminium-Magnesium alloy 6063 is safe and nontoxic, making the ice edible

    - We are using the knot process and do not use welding technology. Hence it is unbreakable

    - Using nylon sheet ice water seal making it easier to clean

    - lower energy consumption, unit power consumption of about 50-60 kWh / ton of block ice

    - PLC control, complete fault detection is possible
    - High degree of automation, in addition to moving ice to the outer area. Almost no human handling.

    - Uses semi-full liquid refrigeration, less freon, high ice removal efficiency and low energy consumption. 

    We can design different solutions based on the customer's installation site and as per their convenience. For example: According to customer requirements, the ice bed can designed to be pulled making it easy to move ice blocks

    According to customer' s request, ice discharge can be separated from other columns.

    Conventional brine tank block ice:

    Block ice is hard, dense and insoluble, and it is easy to store and transport. Salt pool (brine tank) block ice machine is an often used and long-established method of ice making, with simple equipment and easy maintenance. Brine tank ice formation is an indirect cooling system, with brine as the medium for heat exchange. The refrigeration unit first cools the brine to below zero, which in turn causes the water in the ice mould to become ice. Ice block size can be adjusted according to the ice mould.

    Our block ice machine range is from small integrated (1 ton) to large-scale ice machine (50 tons) per day and the block sizes range from 5KG to 100KG, which can be customized according to customer requirements.