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Vacuum Cooler
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    Vacuum Cooler
    Technical Data: 1. Model:LIER 2. Processing capacity: 3000kgs per time 3. Compressor: BITZER 4. Vacuum pum: LEYBOLD 5. Cooling Type: Evaporative cooling 6. Door: Hydraulic uplifting Door 7. Application:Cooling system for vegetable. 8. Only need 15-30mins to cooling products from 30℃ to 3℃. 9. After-sale Service: 12months warranty after-sale service.
    • Parameters

    Produce with a large surface area to mass ratio (such as iceberg lettuce) are well suited for this cooling method and can be cooled on a large scale by putting them in air-tight chambers and pumping out air using vacuum pumps. This method can cool packed produce quickly and uniformly in large loads (usually in 20 to 40 minutes)

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