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30 tons of Lier Flake Ice Machine successfully commissioned and ready to send to Maldives
Date: 2018-03-30 11:38:15Views: 928
LR-30T Flake ice machine shipped to Male Maldives.

Lier accomplished production of 30T seawater flake ice machine, as we usually do, the product flake ice system keeps running 8hours for checking its performance status , so that  to guarantee the high quality of the products. then Pack the product well ready for export.

Bitzer compressor, ecofriendly R404a refrigeration, water cooling, Danfoss Expansion Valve, Schneider  Contactor, PLC automatic control and self-protects .
30T seawater flake ice machine is especially designed for marin large fishing vessel, Antirust or anti corrosion constructure, our products works a long life span under regular maintenance. We arranged the delivery after confirm the shipment schedule with destination Maldives.