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II Why use flake ice machine for concrete project ?
Flake ice is a preferred method for cooling concrete on mass pour projects such as hydro dams, nuclear power plants, and ready-mix, batching plant. Flake ice reduces heat generated during the concrete curing process,  making it the best choice in critical low temperature that meets concrete specifications.
LIER can supply the ice making system, ice storage, and ice delivery system for an efficient concrete cooling system that can be integrated into a batching plant.
Concrete is cooled to reduce heat which can compromise the strength and integrity of a structure. Concrete that is kept at the proper temperature will support structurally sound projects , and eliminate costly downtime.

It is composed of power ice storage bin, automatic ice delivery device and automatic weighing device

ours cases for your reference

Russia nuclear flake ice cooling for concrete mixing cooling .

Concrete cooling system
It is composed flake ice machine system, 
 automatic ice storage, ice delivery device device. The ice reserve capacity of the system is 50 tons to 200 tons. And the ice delivery capacity is 5 tons per hour to 25 tons per hour.
LR automatic ice storage & delivery system is controlled by PLC touch screen and local camera monitor. The entire process of ice making. Ice storage and ice delivery is Semi- automatically controlled. 

Containerized flake ice machine: concrete mixing station is always set up in the open-air place, so containerized ice machine is very necessary. Linsky containerized flake ice machine can support outdoor work, even in the dusty weather, heavy rain and strong winds climate, it is still able to run. The maximum capacity of single unit of Linsky containerized flake ice machine is 60 tons / day. To meet larger capacity requirements, multiple units of containerized flake ice machine can be combined to use.

Rake type automatic ice storage pave ice flake flat inside of ice storage and could hold ice at max capacity. It also can convey ice to the ice outlet according to actual ice demand. It is usually installed under containerized flake ice machine. The ice flakes produced by ice machine falls off into containerized rake type automatic ice storage from the bottom of flake ice machine. Because it is equipped with refrigeration unit, so the ice storage temperature could be kept below -10°C, which can always keep ice flake dry. The rake teeth of automatic ice storage can further crush ice flake into powder and forms snow.

Screw ice conveying system: Screw ice delivering system is the most commonly used in concrete cooling. The longest transmission distance of Linsky screw ice conveyor could be up to 50 meters in single piece, with the highest elevation angle of 45 degrees.

Ice weighing system: Linsky weighing machine can be divided into screw weighing machine, pneumatic weighing machine and crawler weighing machine, the commonly used one is the screw weighing machine. Our weighing machine can weigh 2 tons maximum at one time.