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As a leading manufacturer of flake ice machine in China. Shenzhen Lier Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd researching and developing advanced flake ice machine technology. Lier ice-making machine has various types and is widely used, including freshwater flake ice machine, seawater flake ice machine, small commercial flake ice machine, large industrial flake ice machine, marine fishing flake ice machine,food processing ice machine ,flake ice evaporator ,tube ice machine and concrete cooling system with daily output of 0.2 ton to 60ton ,so as to provide full-course ice-using solutions for customers around the world.

In order to strengthen competitiveness in the global market,Lier’s products have passed CE, SGS and BV certification. Products of LIER are widely applied in processing & preservation of aquatic products and fruit & vegetable, poultry slaughter, meat processing, machine & chemical projects, textile cheap swiss replica watches printing, deep-sea fishing, laboratory refrigeration and concrete pouring, etc.