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Block Ice Machine
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Salt water block ice machine
Evaporator inlet-outlet thermometer -15°C/-20°C, condenser inlet and outlet water temperature 30°C/35°C; refrigerant using 22% sodium chloride solution or calcium chloride solution.
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Block ice is hard, dense and insoluble, and it is easy to store and transport. Salt pool ice machine is a long-established method of ice making, with simple equipment and easy maintenance. Salt water ice is an indirect cooling system, with brine as the medium for heat exchange; the refrigeration unit first drops the temperature of the brine to below zero, which in turn causes the water in the ice mold to form ice. Ice cube size can be adjusted according to the ice mold.

The salt pool block ice machine is produced from small integrated (1 ton) to large-scale ice machine (50 ton), and the ice specifications range from 5KG to 100KG, which can be customized according to customer requirements.