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Block Ice Machine
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    10Ton Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine
    Refrigerant: R22; Ambient temperature: 28°C; Ice making water temperature: 10°C-15°C; Cooling capacity: 70KW; Condensation method: water cooling; Land size: 9*3*2.4m;
    • Parameters
    The Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine has the following advantages over the salt pool block ice machine:
    1. small footprint
    2. no pollution
    3.high energy efficiency
    4.easy to operate
    5.low maintenance costs
    6.easy to move

    Lier Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine has the following features:
    1.aluminum using aluminum-magnesium alloy 6063, is different from civilian-level ordinary aluminum-magnesium alloy 6060,6063 has a strong, corrosion-resistant, heat transfer and other characteristics.Aluminum-magnesium alloy 6063 is safe and nontoxic, making the ice edible.
    2. using the knot process, do not use welding technology, never burst.

    3. the use of nylon sheet ice water seal, clean, easy to clean.
    4, low energy consumption, unit power consumption of about 50-60 kWh / ton.
    5, PLC control, complete fault detection.
    6, a high degree of automation, in addition to moving ice outside almost no human consumption.
    7. The use of semi-full liquid refrigeration, less freon, high ice removal efficiency and low energy consumption.

    We can design different solutions based on the customer's site, convenience, and other requirements to maximize the customer's ice requirements. For example:
    1.According to customer requirements, the ice bed is designed to be draggable and easy to move ice;

    2.According to customer requirements, there is a row of water that can be separated and separated from the other columns. This row of customers is prepared to use pure water to make ice, and other uses ice water to make ice.

    3.And other conditions.According to customer requirements, custom non-standard products.