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Containerized flake ice machine
    Containerized flake ice machine
    Technical Data: 1. Flake Ice Thickness: 1.5mm to 2.0mm 2. Power Supply: 3P/380V/50HZ 3. Daily Ice Making Capacity: 10 tons flake ice per 24hrs 4. Cooling Type: air Cooling 5. Refrigerant: R22 6. Compressor: Bitzer omega copy watches
    • Parameters

    Two 20ft containers, one is used as ice storage,the above one hold one set of 10Ton per day flake ice machine. 


    The best feature is that it's easy to fake breitling uk transport and operate because the system are hold in 2 ISO 20ft container. 


    There are holes on both containers,the produced flake ice will drop into ice storage directly