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Lier company began its operations as a professional flake ice machine manufacturing factory. With our engineering expertise and by mastering the flake ice machine’s core technology we specialize in manufacturing of the full range of flake ice evaporators and assembling complete machines. Due to our product's reliable performance, we earned a good reputation from our customers in China and overseas markets. In 2009, through a well-planned resource integration, company was renamed the company as Shenzhen Lie rMachinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Our industrial production workshop covers an area of nearly ten thousand square meters, equipped with large mechanical processing equipment, metal welding, heat treatment facility, electric and electronic apparatus and a machines assembly workshop. We are presently one among five large-scale ice flake machine manufacturers in China. Our production capabilities enable us to make both, standard and non-standard evaporators and ice machines of different production capacities. Besides flake ice machines, we also manufacture direct refrigeration block ice, tube ice and slurry ice machines.