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Tittle-tattle about flake ice machine
Date: 2018-08-09 14:41:42Views: 528

In our life, Occasionally we like to contact various machines.  
– today we’ll be talking about the flake ice machine.

The humble ice machine. It’s function is, truthfully, quite simple: provide clean, cool ice.

But like many seemingly simple machines, the truth is a bit more complex.

Flake Ice machines are critical for fruit,vegetable distribution and preservation ,aquatic and meat appliance,concrete mixing cooling,etc.

How do flake Ice Machines Work?

Simple! They freeze water!

Ok, it might be a bit more complicated.

Lier ice flake machine working principle is the closed loop heat exchange of refrigerant.Outside water flows into the tank,then pumped into the water distribution pan by water circulating pump.Driven by the reducer,the water in the pan evenly flows down the inner wall of evaporator.The refrigerant in the refrigerant system evaporators through the loop inside the evaporator and absorbs large amount of heat by exchanging heat with the water on the wall.As a result,the water flow over the surface of inner evaporator wall sharply cools down to below the freezing point and freezes into ice instantaneously.When the ice on the inner wall reaches a certain thickness,spiral blade driven by reducer cut the ice to piece.Thus ice flake forms and falls into the ice storage bin under ice flakers,stocking for use.The water not turning into ice will drop in the water baffle at the bottom of evaporator and flow into the water tank for recycling.

Wow,don’t be feel too difficult to understand.Our products could be designed according to your requirement.We are able to provide turnkey solution for you.