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       Lier Machinery Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City in quality-oriented, honest and pragmatic management principles; energy-saving environmental protection design concepts, science and technology to guide the future of innovative thinking, professional commitment to ice equipment R & D, production, sales and installation of after-sales service , The first products passed the CE, SGS and other international safety certification.
        Company covers an area of ​​nearly 10,000 square meters of industrial-style production plant, a professional ice maker production equipment and advanced production technology of ice machines, and modern enterprise team management, improve the quality management process system. The company has a full set of perfect ice machine processing workshop, ice machine assembly shop, ice machine product transfer workshop, a powerful enterprise production and processing strength, mature and advanced ice machine technology, is the current top 5 One of the large-scale ice maker brand manufacturers.
         Lier ice machine is widely used in tea shops, cold stores, hotels, bars, aquatic products, food, KTV, leisure clubs, daily household, restaurant, fresh supermarket, aquatic products, dairy, medicine, chemistry, vegetables Freshwater transportation, marine fishing, poultry slaughtering, aquatic products processing, chemical pigments, biopharmaceuticals and experiments, offshore fishing, meat processing, poultry slaughtering, ice making factory, factory cooling, mine freezing and freezing, artificial skiing field, medical chemistry, chemical paint , Fresh vegetables and other industries.
        "Technology and innovation never stop, quality and service continue to exceed" is the eternal goal of Lier, Shenzhen Lier ice machine will uphold the professional, honest, win-win spirit and our customers cooperation.