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Industrial Flake Ice Machine
    40 Ton Per Day Flake Ice Machine
    Industrial flake ice machine Technical Data: 1.Standard condition:Ambient temp.25℃,Inlet water temp.18℃,Evaporating Temp. -22℃,Condensing Temp:40℃. 2.Refrigerant:R404A&R22&R507 3.Electric Power fake:(3P/380V/50HZ) or other 4.Noise:≤70Db
    • Parameters

    1. Large-scale industrial flake ice machines are used in poultry slaughtering, chemical dyes, nuclear power construction, water conservancy and hydropower construction, and transportation railway construction.
    2. The parts used in the ice machine refrigeration unit are imported from the US, Germany, Japan and advanced technology brands to ensure performance.
    3. The compressor is equipped with a high pressure ratio screw compressor, which can also increase the energy efficiency ratio under the premise of ensuring sufficient ice production, thus saving energy and reducing consumption for customers.
    4. Ordering instructions: All models of Lear can be combined with the needs of customers using the occasion, the equipment can be customized non-standard (material, cooling method, refrigerant, voltage, size, ice storage size, split, etc.), Lill will Provide you with a full range of ice solutions.


    Model Daily output
    Power supply Total power
    Unit Dimension
    Net Weight
    LR-15T 15000 97.5 3P/380V/50Hz 64 R22 3100*2090*1865 2120
    LR-20T 20000 130 3P/380V/50Hz 66.29 R22 3900*2150*2240 2860
    LR-25T 25000 162.5 3P/380V/50Hz 84.59 R22 3900*2150*2490 2940
    LR-30T 30000 210 3P/380V/50Hz 112.32 R22 5000*2140*2555 3240
    LR-40T 40000 240 3P/380V/50Hz 134.5 R22 6300*2200*2240 4860
    LR-50T 50000 260 3P/380V/50Hz 148.5 R22 6500*2050*2235 5000