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Manufacturer share the precautions in the use of the ice machine
Date: 2018-08-30 10:52:47Views: 881
When the ice machine is purchased, what problems should be paid attention to during use to avoid the small faults that occur during the use of the ice machine, so as to improve the service life of the ice machine. The main points to note are the following.
1. The ice machine should not be placed in an open air environment. It should be installed in a safe, clean and well ventilated environment, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight or rain.
2, The ice machine can not be close to the heat source, the use environment can not be lower than 5 ° C, not higher than 40 ° C, so as not to affect the heat dissipation of the condenser too high temperature, can not achieve a good ice making effect.
3, The ice machine should be installed on a stable platform, and adjust the anchor screw at the bottom of the machine to ensure the machine is placed horizontally, otherwise it will cause no ice and noise during operation. Space should be left around. In order to facilitate heat dissipation, the left and right spaces on the left side of the machine should not be less than 150mm.
4, The ice machine should use the specified independent power supply in line with national standards, the power supply should ensure reliable grounding, and equipped with fuses and leakage protection switches, etc., voltage fluctuations should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage.
5, The ice machine should use the water source in line with local drinking water standards, and install filters, etc., to remove impurities in the water, to avoid blocking the water pipe, pollute the water tank and ice mold and affect the ice making performance. The water temperature is at least 2 °C, the highest is not more than 35 °C, the water pressure is at least 0.02 Mpa, and the highest is 0.8 Mpa.
6. The ice machine must unscrew the inlet hose head for two months to clean the inlet valve screen to prevent the sand mud impurities from clogging the water inlet, which causes the water intake to become smaller, resulting in no ice. Although the ice machine will discharge the cooled residual water in the water tank at the end of each ice making process to achieve the cleaning effect, it can effectively reduce scale generation in the evaporator and water circulation system, but generally six months. Left and right, also use the ice machine cleaning agent and disinfectant to clean and disinfect the water pipe, sink, storage refrigerator and water retaining plate, and rinse, the ice cubes generated during the cleaning process can not be eaten. When not in use for a long time, it should be cleaned, and the ice mold and the moisture in the box should be dried with a hair dryer, and placed in a place free of corrosive gas and ventilated and dry, to avoid open storage.
8. Care should be taken when handling the ice machine to prevent severe vibration. The handling inclination should not be less than 45 degrees. After long-distance transportation, the ice machine should be placed for 2-6 hours before the mechanism ice can be opened.
When the ice machine malfunctions, if you do not know what is the problem, do not disassemble it. Please contact the factory, let the manufacturer guide the completion, or send the after-sales personnel to the your company.