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Seawater Flake Ice Machine
1.5 Ton Seawater Flake Ice Machine For Fishing Boats
Technical Data 1.Standard condition:ambient temperature 28℃; Water inlet temperature 20℃; Evaporating temperature -25℃; Condensing temperature 40℃; 2.SUS316 ice freezing wall.
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Seawater flake ice machine

  • Seawater flake ice machine is usually installed and operational on bigger deep-sea fishing boats.
    It is made of SUS316 which is seawater corrosion resistant. It's special MOC and design ensures long term working capabilities in marine environment.
    It is designed for reliable operation despite constant vibrations in the fishing vessel.
    This machine makes flake ice directly from sea water while the vessel is sailing.
    Low temperature and salt content of seawater enable an higher energy efficiency ratio, lower temperature of flake ice and other features making it an indispensable partner for marine fishing application.
    Our machine is assembled with top of the line components: GEA (Bock) Germany, Danfoss Denmark, Copeland USA, Bisel Germany, Han Taiwan, 
    Danfoss South Korean PLC ensuring the most reliable quality
    Flake ice discharge commences within 1 – 3 minutes of machine start up.
    Assured full production capacity ensures ability to preserve the catch quickly and efficiently, minimising possible losses
    Programmable PLC control system enables complete automatic operation and shutdown with the least human intervention.

All models of Lier, can be customized as per MOC, cooling method, refrigerant, voltage, size, ice storage size, split, etc., based on each customer's specific requirements.
Our product range provides various options, based on flake ice production capacity, suitable for different sizes of fishing boats.

Lier seawater flake ice machine for fishing boat use is professionally applied into deep-sea fishing, seafood preservation and distribution industries, etc.


Modelodel LRH-1T LRH-3T LRH-5T LRH-8T LRH-10T
Daily output 1t/d 3t/d 5t/d 8t/d 10t/d
Total power 6.5kw 15.3kw 23.9kw 32.2kw 52.6kw
Compressor power 6HP 15HP 30HP 40HP 60HP
Refrigerating capacity 7.5 22.5kw 37.5kw 58.4kw 73kw
Reducer power 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Cooling style Water-cooling Water-cooling Water-cooling Water-cooling Water-cooling
water inlet/outlet pipe size 3/4" 1/2" 3/4" 3/4" 3/4"
Unit dimension 1310*950*890 1500*1150*1250 1750*1550*1650 2530*1830*1680 2530*1830*1820
Net weight 256kg 550kg 780kg 1100kg 1320kg