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Slurry Ice Machine
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LRS-20000 Aircooling Slurry Ice Machine
Power:380v/3P/50Hz(Standard), Special can be ordered. Dimensions:2350×2100×2600mm
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Slurry ice machine are designed to be installed on fishing vessels for seawater fishing.

Lier corporation's series LRS slurry ice machines are compact and assembled with a specially designed corrosion resistant evaporator. The seawater enters from the lower port of the ice machine and flows out as slurry ice from the machine's discharge outlet on the top part of the machine. Our machine operates at an high efficiency and can produce flow ice with a concentration of about 30% to 50% (easily adjustable).



1. The biggest advantage of slurry ice is it completely covers the fresh fish within the shortest time. This results in quick & even freezing resulting in complete preservation. This feature makes it far more effective cooling medium compared to crushed block ice.

2. The flow ice temperature is between -2 ℃and -5 ℃. This temperature is the best refrigeration temperature, and there is no damage to frozen tissue.

3. Transportation of raw fish is much better with slurry ice since liquid ice is soft and it completely insulates the fresh fish from any possible damage.

4. Slurry ice crystals are very small and have excellent preservation effect on the frozen objects (sea fish, shrimps, crustaceans etc.)

5. Direct sea ice production and best preservation methods significantly reduces operating costs.

6.This kind of machine can also be used as high efficient sea water cooler.

Model Ice making capacity MT/24hr Instaledl Power
Cooling Water
Approx. Ship Weight
LRS-800 0.8 2.2 1.5 220 680×700×1450
LRS-2500 2.5 6.5 4.5 320 800×700×1580
LRS-5000 5 12 7.5 620 1200×900×1580
LRS-10000 10 22 12 960 1500×1000×1900
LRS-15000 15 30 15 1250 1650×1200×1900
LRS-20000 20 51.3 22 1700 2350×2100×2600
380v/3P/50Hz(Standard), Special can be ordered.